March Blogging Challenge Day 1: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

When I first started off with my blog, there was so much going inside my head and very few people around to convey that the only respite I found was in one of my passions other than my continuous talking…..😂😂 That’s writing…..

And when it came to choosing a name, somehow it immediately clicked me to be VOICE IN ME…..I felt I had found a platform where I could be me….Without anybody being judgemental or telling me what’s the right or the best thing to do….I could vent out the worst of my emotions and the best of my ideas which nobody else will ever be relate to in the way I want them to be…..

Contrary to what I said above, it did not drift me away from human interaction. Instead, it boosted my confidence in putting words to my thoughts and conveying them to people in a form I wanted it to be and not what they wanted to hear…. I had started talking even more….Something people already dreaded…..😈😈

The voice in me had found two different mediums and now the torture for people had also multiplied two folds…..😂😂

Long live the VOICE IN ME…..Keep looking forward to more and more tortures since now I am again back on track more determined after a long silence on the blog…..👻👻


Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

This weeks writing challenge says:

“You must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words.”

Here’s my story:

“As a child, I was always a shy little girl full of hopes and creativity. I was afraid to interact with people around. As I grew, I learned how sharing brought smiles to me and many more. I am so happy to have all the lovely people I came across.”

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BlogFestivus 2012: Day 6: Cupid

The story continues….

Comet went back to each reindeer one by one to convince them of truth….but in vain…

The only reindeer unaffected by this mess was the young lad Cupid….he was the one responsible for spreading love and friendship among small children…

Cupid had been given strong and strange powers by Santa himself….he was always unaffected by negative vibes anywhere around him….

Comet knew this well and the moment he saw Cupid….he was relaxed and knew what to do….he went to Cupid and said….

“Cupid dear…..I need your help…”

“Yes Comet, what can I do for you?”

“Oh I just saw a few children fighting, can you spread your dust in air and bring them at piece??”

Cupid looked around but there were no kids to be seen….He said….

“Comet, are you trying to fool me
..i see no kids here and if you are referring to our fellow mates, you very well know I am not allowed to use my powers on reindeers..”

“Oh dear Cupid, ofcourse I know that….but there are hundreds of ant kids in this sand who I saw fighting….”

Cupid felt embarassed and spread love dust without any further thought….it was all Comet wanted…within moments all reindeers forgot their furies….and got Prancer back to group….

It is rightly said…. a friend in need is a friend indeed…..


BlogFestivus 2012: Day 5: Comet

Continuing our story further…..

Vixen had convinced all reindeers that Prancer was a cunning fellow and was playing games against their leader, Dancer. All reindeers were decided to boycott Prancer.

Prancer felt sad and disturbed by the treatment of his fellow mates…..Prancer took a hard decision and headed towards sky to escape from this emotional torture….

Nobody noticed him except for Comet….Comet was a reindeer well known for his speed….he was born on the day Haley Comet was seen and it was presumed that the comet had given its powers to this new born….Hence, the name Comet….

Comet had always been a close friend to Prancer ever since their childhood….they had shared pranks together…Prancer was the one inventing new pranks and Comet was the one saving him from furies others had to offer….he always helped Prancer escape at right moment with his amazing speed….

Comet did not believe a word Vixen said but was beheld by all the other reindeers….. he feared that he too would be boycotted by the herd….

When Comet saw Prancer leave feeling sad…which no-one else noticed…he could not hold on to his feelings for Prancer as the dearest friend…..He rushed towards Prancer….trying to stop him from leaving….

He tried convincing Prancer to stay but Prancer had made up his mind….and was all set to leave for ever….Comet was really upset….he felt helpless….

He returned back to the herd…Nobody noticed when he went and came back because of amazing speed….


BlogFestivus 2012: Day 4: Vixen

Continuing from yesterday…

All reindeers were happily enjoying the royal treatment by tribals…..everybody including their leader, Dancer were all praises for the mindful act of Prancer….he became a hero to all of the them except one…

One of them, Vixen, as was he rightly named because of his cunning nature….was all jealous by the praise Prancer was getting….Prancer had always been the one Vixen hated most….and Prancer always loved to play pranks on Vixen….

Vixen kept wondering how to let Prancer down…..he went to Dancer…and said to him….

“Dancer, Prancer did a great job saving us, right??”

“Ofcourse, he is one great lad…for once, his prank paid for good….” Dancer said…

“Oh Dancer, you are so innocent…..I feel pity for you….” Vixen said…

Dancer got confused…. “Why do you say so Vixen??”

“What to say dear Dancer……how I see this is different….Prancer is trying to take over your seat….he wants to be a leader….you could also easily have done the same thing…but he jumped ahead taking your opportunity….” Vixen commented….

Dancer’s mind started churning in the wrong direction….and Vixen felt happy and satisfied seeing his trick work….

Dancer felt cheated and was upset of Prancer…..Vixen meanwhile kept playing tricks with all the other reindeers….filling them against Prancer….

Prancer unaware of all this kept celebrating the freedom he got from tribals….not knowing what was coming ahead for him….

It is easier to escape from outside difficulties and so difficult to deal with ones inside….


BlogFestivus 2012: Day 3: Prancer

The story continues…

Reindeers were scared…what’s gonna happen next….the fires were rolled…they were all set to be roasted….all of them looked towards Dancer in hope…but Dancer was scared too…he was scared to the bones….

Suddenly, clouds came over and hid moon behind them…the ground was filled with darkness….and the tribals seemed worried…they believed that the light from moon only hid when their God was angry with them….

The head of the tribal men immediately ordered his men to untie the reindeers and begged the Moon God for mercy. The reindeers were really surprised and delighted to be free….

But one among them, Prancer…..famous for his pranks…had some other plans on his mind…. the moment he was released…he flew towards the sky, parted the clouds and stood before the moon….

The moon light again spread over the floor and the tribal men stood stunned looking at the sky…..with a reindeer in front of their god….. One odd looking old man….wearing long bone necklaces….body full of tatoos depicting tribal stories….a long broom in his hand…started speaking some gibbrish words…..

Hearing what he said…..all the men seemed full of energy and started hooting and dancing once again…..

Actually what had happened was when Prancer removed the clouds and brought the light again to the ground….the tribal priest believed him to be their savior …and made him the living god……

One moment earlier, they were a prey and now all reindeers were being worshiped as living gods….


BlogFestivus 2012: Day 2: Dancer

The story continues from where we all left….

Dasher fainted when he hit the rock bottom on the deserts of Rajasthan and when all the other 8 reindeers fell on him from the sky…

Many hours later when they got into their senses….they decided and voted for their new leader….Dancer…

Dancer had a very peculiar habit of dancing to beats of any sound…even the gush of wind would make him dance to its tunes….Everybody felt that Dancer would be best to recognize the beats of wind and take them to a dream place they could never imagine….

It was already midnight and after eating their little stack of food amidst the celebrations for their new leader, Dancer who depicted his best possible moves……..they heard beatings of drums and celebrations nearby…

Dancer started following the drums….everybody else followed him….they could see some light far far away….hoping for some more food in this sandy desert…they simply danced and followed behind their leader…

The beats were actually coming from a tribal group who had been hungry for a week now and were desperately praying the Moon God for food….

Seeing the approaching reindeers…tribals felt their wishes had been fulfilled and started thanking their god with full vigour…

Little did the reindeers know what was coming ahead…they added to celebration and before they knew they were tied to wooden sticks ready to be roasted for feast…..

Reindeers now shattered once again by their leader….looked towards Dancer with all hopes….