March Blogging Challenge Day 1: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

When I first started off with my blog, there was so much going inside my head and very few people around to convey that the only respite I found was in one of my passions other than my continuous talking…..😂😂 That’s writing…..

And when it came to choosing a name, somehow it immediately clicked me to be VOICE IN ME…..I felt I had found a platform where I could be me….Without anybody being judgemental or telling me what’s the right or the best thing to do….I could vent out the worst of my emotions and the best of my ideas which nobody else will ever be relate to in the way I want them to be…..

Contrary to what I said above, it did not drift me away from human interaction. Instead, it boosted my confidence in putting words to my thoughts and conveying them to people in a form I wanted it to be and not what they wanted to hear…. I had started talking even more….Something people already dreaded…..😈😈

The voice in me had found two different mediums and now the torture for people had also multiplied two folds…..😂😂

Long live the VOICE IN ME…..Keep looking forward to more and more tortures since now I am again back on track more determined after a long silence on the blog…..👻👻