March Blogging Challenge Day 6: Something You Miss

As one grows, things keep coming and leaving….So many of them you keep looking back at….So many of them you keep piling into your WHEN I WILL GET THE TIME list…..So many of them you tend to forget over time….

For me too, there is an endless list of things I miss and crave…..But one thing that is irreplaceable and I will never stop missing is my story time with my grandma……My memories of my grandma are of a lovely jolly lady….She was one perfect figure of a grandma…….Loose wrinkled skin, Toothless, Short….. 
Whenever she came to live with us, my night time routines were packed of excitement where I looked forward to hearing a series of stories one after another….And she catered to all my demands one after the other…..Without fail….I would doze off anytime in between….But I would have a long list even before she began….And she never resisted any of them….I would always tell her I would be awake till the end today….She would give me a warm smile and continue with the stories….And one or two stories later….I was down and about in my dreams weaving her stories in my own visual way…..
Till today whenever I remember her or dream of her, her only image that comes to my mind is of the same granny….Telling stories, dancing or having a hearty laugh…..Rest in Peace Granny…..I m sure you would be sharing a special place with God or would have taken a rebirth somewhere to bless some other child with all your love and laughter….Thanks granny for giving me the memories I will cherish all my life….Love you loads….

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