March Blogging Challenge Day 7: Photo Post

A journey into the greener pastures…..An end to the turbulent times and hope for a beautiful view….


March Blogging Challenge Day 6: Something You Miss

As one grows, things keep coming and leaving….So many of them you keep looking back at….So many of them you keep piling into your WHEN I WILL GET THE TIME list…..So many of them you tend to forget over time….

For me too, there is an endless list of things I miss and crave…..But one thing that is irreplaceable and I will never stop missing is my story time with my grandma……My memories of my grandma are of a lovely jolly lady….She was one perfect figure of a grandma…….Loose wrinkled skin, Toothless, Short….. 
Whenever she came to live with us, my night time routines were packed of excitement where I looked forward to hearing a series of stories one after another….And she catered to all my demands one after the other…..Without fail….I would doze off anytime in between….But I would have a long list even before she began….And she never resisted any of them….I would always tell her I would be awake till the end today….She would give me a warm smile and continue with the stories….And one or two stories later….I was down and about in my dreams weaving her stories in my own visual way…..
Till today whenever I remember her or dream of her, her only image that comes to my mind is of the same granny….Telling stories, dancing or having a hearty laugh…..Rest in Peace Granny…..I m sure you would be sharing a special place with God or would have taken a rebirth somewhere to bless some other child with all your love and laughter….Thanks granny for giving me the memories I will cherish all my life….Love you loads….


March Blogging Challenge Day 3: 20 F.A.C.T.S about YOU

  1. First Name: Reena
  2. Last Name: Sharma
  3. Female
  4. Origin: Asian
  5. Indian citizen
  6. Languages Known: English, Hindi
  7. Age 33
  8. Zodiac sign: Leo
  9. Height 5 feet 3 inch
  10. Skinny built
  11. Shoe size: 5 (UK)
  12. Color Wheatish
  13. Dark Brown Hair
  14. Dark Brown Eyes
  15. Vegetarian
  16. Youngest sibling
  17. Married
  18. One Daughter 
  19. Post Graduate in Electronics
  20. Favorite Quote: Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, Today is a gift, that is why it is called Present

March Blogging Challenge Day 1: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

When I first started off with my blog, there was so much going inside my head and very few people around to convey that the only respite I found was in one of my passions other than my continuous talking…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That’s writing…..

And when it came to choosing a name, somehow it immediately clicked me to be VOICE IN ME…..I felt I had found a platform where I could be me….Without anybody being judgemental or telling me what’s the right or the best thing to do….I could vent out the worst of my emotions and the best of my ideas which nobody else will ever be relate to in the way I want them to be…..

Contrary to what I said above, it did not drift me away from human interaction. Instead, it boosted my confidence in putting words to my thoughts and conveying them to people in a form I wanted it to be and not what they wanted to hear…. I had started talking even more….Something people already dreaded…..😈😈

The voice in me had found two different mediums and now the torture for people had also multiplied two folds…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Long live the VOICE IN ME…..Keep looking forward to more and more tortures since now I am again back on track more determined after a long silence on the blog…..πŸ‘»πŸ‘»