Daily Prompt: Summers


Summers…….the part of world where I come from, summers are not very pretty…..they are super hot, full of harsh hot winds with lot of people dying from heatstroke….the air conditioners seem to be not working at all at the peak temperatures…..getting out of home is a pain…..we tend to postpone every work for a time of day when temperatures get lower or if possible to the time when this bad weather will pass away….

25 years from now…..the very same summers seemed really beautiful…not because the weather was different but because I had another set of view back then…..the summers meant 2 month long summer vacations from school, endless days of fun and play, visits to Grandma, the train or bus journeys, meeting the cousins, enjoying ice creams and candies, mangoes, delicacies mom made for us everyday……the hot gush of wind seemed to be inviting us to make small windmills and watch them move or to take out our kites and reach the terrace for a kite cutting competition with the fellow neighbor kids…..air conditioners were a luxury in those days and never existed for us…..an earthen pot gave the water the cooling that a refrigerator today can never give….

No hill station was ever needed to run away from the summers….instead we waited all the year through for the summers to come looking forward to all the fun it brought along…..When I see summers today…..I always get a thought why did I have to grow up so fast…..why couldn’t I have enjoyed some more summers of my life…..

Summers are a perfect example of how the perception for things for us change over a period of time……Summers are and will always be special to my heart bringing along the wonderful memories of my childhood……Thanks to all the beautiful people in my life…..