Daily Prompt: Stroll


Stroll, a great word for me to write on this lovely Mother’s Day. These days, I would define Stroll as the daily small walk trips I take every few hours with my 17 month old daughter, Zoey on the streets closer to my home.

I even had such strolls before Zoey came into my life but I must say that these strolls have now got a different meaning all together…..The boring streets of my neighborhood have gotten more interesting and full of life…..

Each and every corner of the streets has the ability to capture her attention. The dog, the cat, the chirping birds on the tree, the chasing squirrels, the butterflies and even the ants and insects on the road…..anything and everything can change her course of stroll at anytime…..A dried leaf or twig is enough to make her jump out of happiness and excitement….

A passing car, a bike or a scooter, the street lights….all seem to be so fascinating….beaming lights from vehicles seem to be asking her for a chase…..

The children playing around the corner, women gossiping, the vegetable vendor,  the auto rickshaw driver, people in the street, her fellow babies coming for a walk…..it feels that she has a connection with every human passing by…..the warmth with which she waves and bids goodbye to everyone brings a smile not only to her but to each one of them and am sure makes up their day too……

Observing her during these strolls has not only made me love her more and more but also taught me lessons of life I had forgotten during my course of growing up…..the lessons of socializing with other human beings and getting connected with the nature around us…..my strolls have become so much more enjoyable these days…..thanks to my life….Zoey (meaning Life)

If you are reading this post, try switching off your gadgets and break your ice of greeting unknown people next time you are on the street and have a look around you just as a child would and life would seem to be so alive and full of adventure and happiness all around….

Happy Strolling!!


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6 Responses to Daily Prompt: Stroll

  1. Zarnain Shah says:

    Happy strolling you too 🙂

  2. oh the little pic of the little one – perfect. Nice blog

  3. Sulekha gautam lama says:

    Awesome post …. Extremely well written and contained life .. U seem to hv a gift of giving attention to all these small things dat go unnoticed but are d real reason of our cheers. Looking forward to read your next thought provoking article..

    • Thanks dear….but actually more than me Zoey has this gift….she is the one who made me notice all these small details of life around us…..I am just trying to put her visions into words…..

  4. Nisha says:

    Wow Reena…Excellent post. Everyday during my post-dinner stroll, I too happen to watch few late-nighters kids playing. Watching them, i can’t stop myself wondering and smiling at the energy and carefree attitude those kids wear on their sleeves and thinking how much we ought learn from them all that we have long forgotten. i think that is the reason god gives us kids in the phase when we have forgotten our fundamentals.

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