Daily Prompt: Survival


Long back in school, I read the Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest. In layman’s terms it said that in any species only the ones fit enough to survive the challenges posed by nature will be able to survive and sustain.

Applying the same theory to myself and people around me, I can easily say that we humans have overcome the challenges of the nature posed on us to a large extent with the best amenities and doctors available to us. However, I still see each one of us struggling to Survive.

The struggle to get admission in a good school, struggle to get good scores, struggle for a well to do job, struggle to run the family, struggle to speak my thoughts, struggle to be myself, struggle to be an ideal daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, friend, colleague. The struggle to dodge the traffic, struggle for safety, struggle to book a ticket, struggle to buy stuff before a sale ends, struggle to be connected with phone and internet……

The list seems to be endless….but it keeps me wondering that each and every struggle out of the above seem like a struggle of Survival….. We as individuals and society judge each other every now and then based on how fairly or badly one has cleared each struggle….. To fail in one seems to be a matter of shame and laughter in the society and hence life threatening…..

We are still fighting for Survival…..Struggles have now become more psychological and hypothetical…..I do not remember my parents having the list as big as mine….with every generation, the list of Struggles is getting bigger and bigger…..

Don’t you feel we need to ponder over and actually try and eliminate the struggles instead of increasing them with every passing day….Have we really evolved or are we still stuck in the Darwin’s theory to be better and fitter to survive our own species????



Daily Prompt: Stroll


Stroll, a great word for me to write on this lovely Mother’s Day. These days, I would define Stroll as the daily small walk trips I take every few hours with my 17 month old daughter, Zoey on the streets closer to my home.

I even had such strolls before Zoey came into my life but I must say that these strolls have now got a different meaning all together…..The boring streets of my neighborhood have gotten more interesting and full of life…..

Each and every corner of the streets has the ability to capture her attention. The dog, the cat, the chirping birds on the tree, the chasing squirrels, the butterflies and even the ants and insects on the road…..anything and everything can change her course of stroll at anytime…..A dried leaf or twig is enough to make her jump out of happiness and excitement….

A passing car, a bike or a scooter, the street lights….all seem to be so fascinating….beaming lights from vehicles seem to be asking her for a chase…..

The children playing around the corner, women gossiping, the vegetable vendor,  the auto rickshaw driver, people in the street, her fellow babies coming for a walk…..it feels that she has a connection with every human passing by…..the warmth with which she waves and bids goodbye to everyone brings a smile not only to her but to each one of them and am sure makes up their day too……

Observing her during these strolls has not only made me love her more and more but also taught me lessons of life I had forgotten during my course of growing up…..the lessons of socializing with other human beings and getting connected with the nature around us…..my strolls have become so much more enjoyable these days…..thanks to my life….Zoey (meaning Life)

If you are reading this post, try switching off your gadgets and break your ice of greeting unknown people next time you are on the street and have a look around you just as a child would and life would seem to be so alive and full of adventure and happiness all around….

Happy Strolling!!



Daily Prompt: Hope

Today’s Daily One Word Prompt is the word “HOPE” and the moment i think of this word, there is another single word that always pops up my mind and that is GOD. For me, HOPE = GOD and vice versa.


Time and again, I keep having this very common discussion with my husband about the existence of God. He is a logical believer and wants to always analyze and then reach to conclusions over anything. He had been a theist in past, but over time, he has been questioning the existence of God and happily terms himself as atheist. On the contrary, I have always been a theist and considered God as the very friend who is going to be there for me forever.

My husband keeps interrogating why I have such strong belief in God and my answer every time is just the same. Believing in God has always given me HOPE. No matter what I m going through, I always like to believe that whatever it is, everything will be fine at the end. There is someone looking after me and who loves me unconditionally and has the power to turn over things in the best possible way…. This hope that the present turbulence is just a phase and will be taken care by someone is the greatest inspiration for me to put in my best efforts to anything….I strongly believe that the more efforts I put, the earlier my best friend will pop in and turn the magic wand….


The day I stop believing in God, that will be the day Hope leaves my life……