Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

Todays Daily Prompt says:

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

This is a very interesting question to ask our own self…..because every other day we are taking new resolutions to master a new skill….

The answer to the question may be confusing to most but for me….it was right there….the answer is “TO TEACH….”

Teaching is very very close to my heart…..it was a career I chose by chance thinking of leaving it even before I joined…but now….it is so difficult to leave…..I am no longer a teacher by profession having had to leave it due to some personal reasons…but the spark still remains….it is still the best skill I want to embrace….

Teaching is always satisfying and gives me an immense pleasure….if I really have to make a wish today…it would definitely be….

“God….Please give me the skill to teach…..I want every student of mine to take something from me for their life…..Every unsatisfied student is a failure to me….please grant me a wish of non-failure to teach….”

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