BlogFestivus 2012: Day 5: Comet

Continuing our story further…..

Vixen had convinced all reindeers that Prancer was a cunning fellow and was playing games against their leader, Dancer. All reindeers were decided to boycott Prancer.

Prancer felt sad and disturbed by the treatment of his fellow mates…..Prancer took a hard decision and headed towards sky to escape from this emotional torture….

Nobody noticed him except for Comet….Comet was a reindeer well known for his speed….he was born on the day Haley Comet was seen and it was presumed that the comet had given its powers to this new born….Hence, the name Comet….

Comet had always been a close friend to Prancer ever since their childhood….they had shared pranks together…Prancer was the one inventing new pranks and Comet was the one saving him from furies others had to offer….he always helped Prancer escape at right moment with his amazing speed….

Comet did not believe a word Vixen said but was beheld by all the other reindeers….. he feared that he too would be boycotted by the herd….

When Comet saw Prancer leave feeling sad…which no-one else noticed…he could not hold on to his feelings for Prancer as the dearest friend…..He rushed towards Prancer….trying to stop him from leaving….

He tried convincing Prancer to stay but Prancer had made up his mind….and was all set to leave for ever….Comet was really upset….he felt helpless….

He returned back to the herd…Nobody noticed when he went and came back because of amazing speed….

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2 Responses to BlogFestivus 2012: Day 5: Comet

  1. sarahneeve says:

    Poor Prancer, vindictive Vixen had better look out. Good old chummy Comet did try his best, though. 🙂

  2. Blogdramedy says:

    Maybe your best so far. 🙂

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