BlogFestivus 2012: Day 4: Vixen

Continuing from yesterday…

All reindeers were happily enjoying the royal treatment by tribals…..everybody including their leader, Dancer were all praises for the mindful act of Prancer….he became a hero to all of the them except one…

One of them, Vixen, as was he rightly named because of his cunning nature….was all jealous by the praise Prancer was getting….Prancer had always been the one Vixen hated most….and Prancer always loved to play pranks on Vixen….

Vixen kept wondering how to let Prancer down…..he went to Dancer…and said to him….

“Dancer, Prancer did a great job saving us, right??”

“Ofcourse, he is one great lad…for once, his prank paid for good….” Dancer said…

“Oh Dancer, you are so innocent…..I feel pity for you….” Vixen said…

Dancer got confused…. “Why do you say so Vixen??”

“What to say dear Dancer……how I see this is different….Prancer is trying to take over your seat….he wants to be a leader….you could also easily have done the same thing…but he jumped ahead taking your opportunity….” Vixen commented….

Dancer’s mind started churning in the wrong direction….and Vixen felt happy and satisfied seeing his trick work….

Dancer felt cheated and was upset of Prancer…..Vixen meanwhile kept playing tricks with all the other reindeers….filling them against Prancer….

Prancer unaware of all this kept celebrating the freedom he got from tribals….not knowing what was coming ahead for him….

It is easier to escape from outside difficulties and so difficult to deal with ones inside….

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2 Responses to BlogFestivus 2012: Day 4: Vixen

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    Nothing like stirring the pot. The plot thickens. 🙂

  2. Random says:

    Clever, Vixen. Well played.

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