Daily Prompt: Flawed

Todays Daily Prompt says….

“What is your worst quality?”

Hmmm…again a tough one today…they are confusing us day by day…yesterday it was to pick five best people and today picking one…of the worst….

There are so many of them….finding one is really difficult….But…I guess I will go with what comes the very first in my mind….

My Worst Quality….”My habit of Not Able to say NO….”

I surely believe that would be the one…it is always so difficult for me to say NO to anyone who comes me for anything….I will go out of bounds to do things…..and when people start taking me for granted and shedding all their work off their own shoulders…I feel….”What a jerk I am….Can’t I simply say NO in the very first place…..”

I become more and more upset….and then I feel irritated and upset….and again when the person comes to me for another help…i am all ears….and all set for taking away their loads…..

Why am I such a fool to always keep trying to make people happy without thinking how I feel….I know they are using me…and still I give them all the opportunity to do so….

I know its really impossible for me to change…and I guess I should start learning to live with it…..always trying to console myself by saying I am not doing anything wrong in my eyes….and for them…..God is there to take care of the rest….

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