BlogFestivus 2012: Day 3: Prancer

The story continues…

Reindeers were scared…what’s gonna happen next….the fires were rolled…they were all set to be roasted….all of them looked towards Dancer in hope…but Dancer was scared too…he was scared to the bones….

Suddenly, clouds came over and hid moon behind them…the ground was filled with darkness….and the tribals seemed worried…they believed that the light from moon only hid when their God was angry with them….

The head of the tribal men immediately ordered his men to untie the reindeers and begged the Moon God for mercy. The reindeers were really surprised and delighted to be free….

But one among them, Prancer…..famous for his pranks…had some other plans on his mind…. the moment he was released…he flew towards the sky, parted the clouds and stood before the moon….

The moon light again spread over the floor and the tribal men stood stunned looking at the sky…..with a reindeer in front of their god….. One odd looking old man….wearing long bone necklaces….body full of tatoos depicting tribal stories….a long broom in his hand…started speaking some gibbrish words…..

Hearing what he said…..all the men seemed full of energy and started hooting and dancing once again…..

Actually what had happened was when Prancer removed the clouds and brought the light again to the ground….the tribal priest believed him to be their savior …and made him the living god……

One moment earlier, they were a prey and now all reindeers were being worshiped as living gods….

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4 Responses to BlogFestivus 2012: Day 3: Prancer

  1. sarahneeve says:

    Phew! I’m glad they didn’t end up as Reindeer stew after all! 🙂

  2. jrosenberry1 says:

    Wow … tattooed tribesmen worshiping reindeer deities … that’s deep! I’m also very glad they weren’t eaten. Good job!

  3. elleturner4 says:

    Nice swerve to get those reindeer back safely! What’s next! 😉

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