BlogFestivus 2012: Day 2: Dancer

The story continues from where we all left….

Dasher fainted when he hit the rock bottom on the deserts of Rajasthan and when all the other 8 reindeers fell on him from the sky…

Many hours later when they got into their senses….they decided and voted for their new leader….Dancer…

Dancer had a very peculiar habit of dancing to beats of any sound…even the gush of wind would make him dance to its tunes….Everybody felt that Dancer would be best to recognize the beats of wind and take them to a dream place they could never imagine….

It was already midnight and after eating their little stack of food amidst the celebrations for their new leader, Dancer who depicted his best possible moves……..they heard beatings of drums and celebrations nearby…

Dancer started following the drums….everybody else followed him….they could see some light far far away….hoping for some more food in this sandy desert…they simply danced and followed behind their leader…

The beats were actually coming from a tribal group who had been hungry for a week now and were desperately praying the Moon God for food….

Seeing the approaching reindeers…tribals felt their wishes had been fulfilled and started thanking their god with full vigour…

Little did the reindeers know what was coming ahead…they added to celebration and before they knew they were tied to wooden sticks ready to be roasted for feast…..

Reindeers now shattered once again by their leader….looked towards Dancer with all hopes….

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8 Responses to BlogFestivus 2012: Day 2: Dancer

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    Come on, Dancer. Hope he finds a way out of the tribal mess(hall). 🙂

  2. sarahneeve says:

    Not Reindeer stew! Please no, I don’t know if I can take it! 😀

  3. Random says:

    Very imaginative! And I love how Dancer dances “to beats of any sound…even the gush of wind.”

  4. Amy says:

    Love the story, but I am very concerned about the reindeer in the picture. Is he okay? Just resting, I hope.

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