Daily Prompt: Oasis

The daily prompt today says….

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

Now Now Now…..A Sanctuary….this is really weird but the place I call my sanctuary is a MIRROR….It might seem absurd to all of you but thats where I go when I have nowhere to go…..

I guess it all started when I was too young….may be around 5-6 yrs old….there were loads of times I was upset over things……something my parents or siblings said….something I expected people to understand and they never did or something I wanted to really really cry about….

There was this small cupboard in my house on the top floor where nobody usually went…..somehow I started hiding in that cupboard whenever I wanted to cry or I did not want anybody to see me…or console me….I always went and hid there….

There was this long mirror inside the door of the cupboard….that I always watched while I was sitting inside cupboard crying….I would keep noticing the expressions on my face, the tears…..and over time….I started feeling I did not want to see me like this…and that was when while crying I started talking to myself consoling my own self looking in my own reflection in the mirror…I started giving replies and reactions to every assuring sentence my own reflection gave me ….and I noticed that this started bringing me out of the mood much earlier than just sitting crying and thinking over the matter….I would always try and console my own reflection just the way any friend would do when I would go over to them….but at such a young age…you don’t have many options to go to when you are upset….

This is still where I find my solace when I am so upset that nobody can bring me out of my bad mood….I still stand in front of the mirror and cry myself out watching and remembering things from past…and somehow I always tend to console myself out of the situation….

MIRROR is really been a sanctuary to me…..and I guess it always will….

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