Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Thankful: This is what I guess this man standing before the massive statue of Buddha is feeling right now… Thankful for everything that he has in life for….

Shanti Stupa, Dhauli, Bhubaneswar, India….


Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

Hello Friends,

The Daily Prompt for today said:
Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

Now, the book that was kept nearest to me was “Who Will Cry When You Die?” by Robin Sharma and thats because I am currently reading the book….

The 3rd line on the 82 page says: so important that you realize your goals?” they often

Lets see what best i can do with it….

Once upon a time….there was a 4th grade class with an old teacher who seemed like a grandfather to a bunch of kids surrounding him…the man had gray white hairs and his skin was loose….he was firm and strict as a stick but also soft as silk when it came to his class….

All the kids loved him a lot….he was always a patient listener….a guiding soul…a friend they played games with and a father who shared his food and experiences with them….

There was one thing that he always said as the day began…he always said…”Kids, why is it so important that you realize your goals?” they often wondered what he meant by this sentence and being kids of a 4th grade they always seemed to fail to understand what this old man is trying to tell them….

At the beginning of the session, they thought he is asking them a question and framed some answers like….”Sir, to win over the other team in a game of football” or “To keep our grades up in class” or they would just be quiet when they seemed to have no answer….Over time, they felt that our teacher was a little insane and keeps repeating these words every morning like a prayer….so may be this is part of some morning prayer…and they repeated the words with him….

Whatever the response was, the teacher always smiled and gave a deep sigh….and then simply begun with the lesson of the day….

This was a usual routine he followed each day without fail….One fine day, he was feeling weak, struggling to stand up but still asked the same question…
“Kids, why is it so important that you realize your goals?” Suddenly, one arm shot up in air….asking permission to answer….the kids looked at the arm in amaze….it wasn’t one among them…it was somebody standing at the door….waiting to answer the question….the teacher recognized him and smiled…he was also one of the 4th grade student he had taught 25 years back….The teacher nodded his head permitting the man to answer his question….

The man said….”To be like you, Sir….” There were tears in the old man’s eyes…he smiled…he cried while the man came to him…touching his feet for blessings and hugging him holding him to stand….

The man then said… “I had forgotten this quest long time back and as others, I was repeating this line every day of my morning still believing it was a prayer… I achieved everything that people wanted me to….I had money, house, friends, family, companies and what not…but still something was missing from my life….It was LIFE Sir…Today morning, when I was leaving for my office, my 4th grader son asked me this same question that you asked him yesterday….and I suddenly realized that you simply wanted us to teach one thing…and that is… to live our lives….to be happy…and that will only happen when we realize what we want of our lives and that is why sir, it is so important to realize our goals in life just like you have….Your goal in life is to teach and give in as much as you can to the kids around you…that is what makes you happy and that is the secret of your lovely smile…the smile I always tried to mimic but never could….”


That’s the end of the story….I framed this up while I was typing….I am no writer…so please forgive if it came out in a lousy manner….I hope you guys like it…and it helps each one of us to rethink why is it so important to realize our goals in life….


Start of Journal


This was a usual Sunday in my life but it was different in many ways….. Surprising but true….

After a long time now, I finished reading up a book…. LICENSE TO LIVE- A Seeker’s Journey to Greatness! by Priya Kumar…. and what a book it is….this book has actually inspired me to start a journal of my own…..

As read in another context, a journal is not a diary…. A diary is a place where you record events…while a journal is a place where you analyze and evaluate them…Keeping a journal encourages one to consider what you do, why you do it and what you have learned from all you have done….

So, starting with my own personal journal now….let me summarize what I learnt today….these are clips from the book I read…but definitely are also the learnings of today…

1. My future is shaped by today. Its not what I will do tomorrow that will shape my tomorrow. Its what I do today that will lead into tomorrow. Just like one can never quit smoking tomorrow, one cannot build a future in the future. My future is built today. And today, I choose to be bigger. I choose to do the right thing.

2. Every time you look backwards with fear you can pull out your shame from decades ago and bring it to life in your present. When you do that you have no present and no future. If you must look back, look for goodness, glory and greatness. Remember it. Its your reality too. It will lead you to freedom. Fed these memories with the same greatness as you did on occasions before, if not more. Feed them with same love as you did in the past, if not more, and you will experience freedom every day. Make your goodness greater than your sins. Make your divinity bigger than any past deviousness.

3. There is always a way out. You come out of the trap of the past when you take responsibility for all your actions and intentions. When you take responsibility for every moment of your life, then you are free from your past. You could also break the trap of the fearful future by taking responsibility to act today in accordance with what you really want. To desire a different future and to act out of your past fears will not only mess up the present but also keep you trapped in time.

This was the learning of today and today I also got to know that my husband dreams of a peaceful future for both of us. Living our lives in some serene and peaceful environment. Not running after to earn bread and butter. Living and doing things we enjoy and not that we crib. It is almost similar to what I have dreamt of my future and am so glad that it matches for both of us. Atleast that will help us both work towards the same goal and may be reduce our individual efforts to achieve one…..

I really feel peaceful today….I dont know why but I really do…..

With this I am closing my journal for today….hoping and wishing for new lessons tomorrow….

Thank you God for everything you have given me and Bless All…