Early morning, 4th of August, 2012, I and Rahul headed for our weekend trip to Lonavela along with many colleagues of Rahul from JPMC. One of his friends, Varun was to pick us up from Ghatkopar. We met him at 7:30 in morning and we headed for our outing.

The assembling point was Panvel McDonalds where we were the last ones to reach…..After the gathering, all of us headed to our first point….Shri Datta Snacks….supposed to be a very authentic and famous snack point for everybody heading towards Lonavela. We had a yummy treat there trying out Vada Pao and the Kokam Drink….

The journey was full of lush green patches of lands and hills with heavy rains. It was an awesome sight which is seriously indescribable. We were headed to MTDC resort in Lonavela where we were to stay and spend our weekend. After all of us reached there, all of us were dying of hunger and so we planned to move to Lonavela market for a Gujarati lunch….which was really filling and nice…..though which really made a lot of us heading to sleep after the journey and cancelling on to our next destination point: TIGER POINT.

Among all the confusion of going or not going to the tiger point, a few of us decided to move on to the Tiger Point for the next adventure. And what an adventure it was….the journey was full of steep slopes on hilly path, heavy rainfall and beautiful waterfalls. On top of it all was heavy fog that made the entire aura much more vivid and beautiful. Every step ahead made us feel that it wasn’t worth missing…..We would have been real big fools to have not come and feel this amazing place. As and more we headed to tiger point, the fog grew denser and denser….it was becoming extremely difficult to see through and head our car towards it….Hats off to Varun for being the best driver we could have had….he made us reach our destination smoothly…He was suffering from cough and had not been well for past few days but still he was determined and drove all the way through for two days….

The feeling at the top of the point was amazing….we felt engulfed in the fog or the clouds….it was truly like standing in heaven….lush green hills with extreme dense fog….it was just WOW!!

After spending some time there, we headed back to our resort for a series of fun games planned by Himanshu, Pooja and Priya for the team…..the best being the “MUMMY CONTEST” where Rahul won with his team of Anurag and his wife….it was a fun time….along with news of India winning the Bronze medal in London Olympics in Badminton by Saina Nehwal….

We then headed to the Kinara Dhaba for dinner time….where the wait for food seemed to be like for ever…..and the supposedly Punjabi dishes all seemed to be misled….though everybody else enjoyed them since they did not know the real taste of the dishes…..

We were extremely tired and exhausted after the entire day of fun and adventure….and came back and fell asleep in a single go….Nobody still knew what plans we had for the next day…

The next day was pretty relaxing…with everybody getting up and ready real late and simply heading to Rama Krishna Restaurant in Lonavela Market for a Brunch at 11….It was the Birthday for Anurags younger daughter which was celebrated by Eggless Walnut and Chocolate Cakes and 5 stars…..the Walnut cake being simply yummy….we ate, ate and ate more…..and it was raining cats and dogs….the kids were all full of energy and enthusiasm….it was fun watching each one of them with their own set of activities…..

It was now time for bidding Goodbye….everybody then headed back to Mumbai with a wonderful weekend coming to an end and now preparing back for the Monday morning blues the next day….

A few glimpses of the trip can be seen here.

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