Birthday: A Day to Feel Special

I got 29 on this 3rd of August. Thinking it this way, it feels so awestruck that it has been 29 years of my life I have spent and there is still so much more to do…..

But more than being amazed or sad or anthing else….I feel Birthday is a time that makes you feel special….special when you see people taking out time out of their schedules….wishing you the very best in life….doing something or the other to make you feel happy and special….

It was definitely a Special Special Day for me too…..which began with the very special surprise by my sweet friend Deepika along with my childhood friend Suman had planned a surprise cake, chocolates and a red rose for me at the mid night hour of the day…..I recieved the surprise a little earlier than when the clock struck 12 but it was amazing….it was the first time in my life that somebody planned such a surprise for me….and it was really cute….though she was very tensed whether the person had delivered it on time or not….so with a little bit of her leg pulling and all….we had a long chat….with the cake cutting ceremony in between….i was really happy…


Got up in the morning real late….with 7 missed calls and 2 messages on my mobile set….the rest of the day was pretty good….went in attending calls, facebook messages and chatting with deepika….with no plans whatsoever for evening….

In evening, Rahul returned back from office around 9 but I wasnt very enthusiastic and was feeling a little down and bored….may be missing all the masti with my friends every birthday….did not even feel like having food….He asked me to order Pizzas before he reached home…I did it very unhappily….but when he came back…..he came back with a surprise as well…..a Red Wine….I could only smile….because Red Wine reminded me of our honeymoon trip to Kerala 2.5 years back….and that was the only last time I had it….he was so enthusiastic that I left all my boredom and got into the mood…..

To add-on we had the left over truffle cake….which actually made me feel really dizzy….but we had to pack….pack for a trip to lonavela next morning….and I could not concentrate…I was feeling so dizzy….thankfully Rohit called and saved me from the trouble…I did all my packing talking to him all the time….

And then I just went to bed with all my dizziness and got to sleep in no time for a perfect trip the next day…..

It was an amazing day…..I really really felt so special….I received wishes from so many unexpected people….with so many good memories to remember and cherish all year through….

Thank you god….for giving me these moments and these people in my life….

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One Response to Birthday: A Day to Feel Special

  1. deepika says:

    Heyyyyyy…thanks alot…you are precious for us too…:):):)

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