Hello world!


This is me...REENA….i dont really know at this moment of time what to say about myself. I just feel that I am a simple lady with simple thoughts whatsoever.

Looking back over time, i can see that describing myself should not be very difficult. I have always been any other girl one may find who is different in her own ways. I was never an outstanding or outperforming girl in school. I guess most of the teachers may not even remember my name….but things have gradually changed….and changed a lot…..when i see myself now….I find myself so so very lucky to have been surrounded by so many friends and well wishers. I feel myself lucky that whenever I have something great to share…..the list of people I want to share it with is REALLLLYYYY LONG!!!!!!!! And each one of them is special to me in their own ways…..I feel honored and great to be able to be friends with so many people around me who are so very different from each other….but still have one thing in common and thats ME…..

Life has made me grow over time…..

And I will always be extremely thankful to GOD for every single moment he has showered me with….be it a sad or a happy moment. I cherish each one of it equally….


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